Predators, Prey, and Pollinators: The Owl Project

Location: 1775 Orange Ave, Redlands, CA 92373 (The Grove School)

Start time: 9:00am - 11:30am

Maximum number of people: 15


Be a vital part of the last stage of The Owl Project by helping plant a pollinator garden. The Owl Project began as a solution to end the rodent problem on the Grove School Farm Campus. Predators are a natural answer to rodent abatement, so the Environmental Club researched how to decrease the rodent population by encouraging natural predators such as owls. A great horned owl was seen on campus, so the Environmental Club built nests and a water feature to attract a nesting pair to take up residence. Within the water feature area, a pollinator garden will provide coverage for the owls and other birds of prey. The plants will also support the beneficial insects that are predators of crop pests on the farm campus. In addition, the garden will supply pollinators with pollen and nectar to encourage them to stay in the area for continued fruit and vegetable production on the farm. 


Climate impact project is addressing: 

Instructions for participants: Participants should bring gardening gloves and knee pads. Gardening tools will be provided. The planting area is at the back of the school behind the chicken coops on the Farm Campus. Participants can park on the street or at Heritage Park parking lot.