Gleaning for Good to Provide Fresh Fruit for All!


Start time: 9:00am - 11:30am

Maximum number of people: 20


We will gather together and glean the available citrus trees for harvest at the Historic Burrage Mansion, which has a variety of about 800 trees that are gleaned yearly between January and June. Most Oranges and other citrus fruits are still picked by hand, experiencing what workers do for a living will give an appreciation for the efforts required to bring fresh fruit to our homes.  We are also helping minimizing waste by harvesting the fruit, fruit trees produce fresh oxygen, giving you and your family cleaner air to breathe, as well as encouraging wildlife to flourish.  Planting Trees also decreases one's carbon footprint, having home grown fruit decreases the need to import the fruit from other countries. Citrus Fruits are the one fruit that does not ripen further after it picked.


Climate impact project is addressing: 

Instructions for participants: For your safety, please wear closed toe shoes, wear comfortable clothing for outdoor work, hats, and gloves.  There are no costs, please bring your own water bottle. Children are welcome with supervision of an adult. Please enter onto the Burrage Mansion Property at the entrance to the far right thru the gates and drive thru to the back area where there is parking, carpooling is encouraged.