Creating a Pollinator Garden

Location: 602 Church Street, Redlands (Center for Spiritual Living, Redlands)

Start time: 9:00am-12:30pm

Maximum number of people: 15


Replacing our lawns with drought-tolerant plants can help reduce water usage & provide a healthy environment to support biodiversity. Therefore, we are putting in a beautiful pollinator garden to attract local butterflies and bees.   


Participants will engage physically in removing turf, preparing soil, and planting drought tolerant plants, such as sages, lavenders, and other flowering plants to create a pollinator garden at the front yard of the church.  The project will be the first phase of a transformation from turf to dry landscape in the front yard that meets City’s requirements for incentive rewards.  Participants will be encouraged to change their front yard to water conserving landscape and to apply for the incentive rewards from the City.  Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

We are dedicated to contributing to the health and well-being of our community and for global transformation. We are dedicated to helping improve our city and to reduce our carbon footprint. We feel being a project host would help us continue to do our part for our community and for our environment.


Climate impact project is addressing: 

Instructions for participants: Please bring gloves, shovel (if possible), wear pants and tight shoes, children are welcome.