Food Preservation Informational Workshop

Location: 602 Church Street, Redlands (Center for Spiritual Living, Redlands)

Start time: 11:00am-12:15pm

Maximum number of people: 60


The presenter with expertise on the subjects will share knowledge and skills to promote sustainable living and healthy food. This is promised to be a fun session to learn how to preserve your own food at home, conserving resources! A Master Food Preserver will demonstrate several preservation techniques, including fermenting, picking, freezing, and drying. Reduce household food waste by making quick pickles, drying herbs, and saving scraps for broth. There will also be a homemade kombucha sampling. Participants are encouraged to share their secret recipe of preserving fruit or vegetables. There will be a lot to talk about household food preservation, and how to get the most out of the food for our health and the planet’s!


Climate impact project is addressing: 

Instructions for participants: All ages are welcome.